Shirokuma Cafe Animate LE BD Volume 12

Volume 12 of Shirokuma Cafe! Only one more volume to go after this and then I will have finally completed importing all of Animate’s exclusive limited edition blu-ray volumes.

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On the cover for this volume are the three pygoscelis penguins in their “South Pole Squad Penginger” TV show attire.

The bonus original goods for this volume is a pass case.

Also included was an application ticket for another radio show event to be held on the 20th of July, 2013 that will feature Daisuke Ono and Yuichi Nakamura as the special guests. Buyers only had until the 9th of July to send these in for their attendance confirmation.

Another bonus that was unexpected was a mini clear sheet artwork of Shirokuma Cafe that was part of “PASH!” Japanese anime magazine’s one year anniversary fair in conjunction with Animate.

Apparently, “PASH!” magazine is aimed at females who enjoys watching anime, so it’s not surprising then that they would include a bonus item for this anime series given that it has a lot of female fans.

The bonus drama CD for this volume also features the three pygoscelis penguins on the two stories, “営業ペンギンさんいらっしゃい” (Welcome to Penguin’s Business) and “営業会議” (Business Meeting), where they drop by Penguin’s shop discussing their own business operations when Sasako tells Penguin to go and ask them if they could come up with an idea on what to turn his place into, since no one has really been coming to his shop no matter what they’ve been trying to do.

Penguin is reluctant at first but goes ahead and asks them anyway. Despite not being convinced on some of the ideas the three pygoscelis penguins pitch, he makes them return next week to pitch better ones…and then again the week after as he’s still unhappy with their ideas.

When they return for a third time, they suggest Penguin to collaborate with a popular soba noodle shop called “Fuji Soba” by making his place a cafe serving coffee to customers as they drop by his place first before heading over to “Fuji Soba”. Penguin likes the idea and asks Shirokuma what does he think about it. Shirokuma suggests they could set up a soba noodle stall with a sign advertising his cafe. Sasako then adds that they could put a counter next to it with someone  there to persuade customers to actually enter his cafe. Penguin thinks Sasako is really putting a lot of thought into this idea as she continues on saying the person at the counter could hand out a lunch menu to the customers, except she is reminded by Penguin that the customer’s have already bought the soba noodles and the idea is shot down by him as it’s too much effort.

Asking if there are anymore ideas, the three pygloscelis penguins say that they have ran out, which perplexes Penguin as he can’t believe they can’t come up with anything when that’s their job. He dismisses them and tells them they don’t need to come to his shop anymore (much to the delight of those three as they make a hasty exit lol). After they leave, Penguin asks Shirokuma why he was even friends with them and consulted them for ideas, to which Shirokuma replies that it’d be  way too difficult to explain, which Sasako agrees.

And that’s that for a summary of the drama CD lol. Again, the next volume will be the final one that will complete my BD import for Shirokuma Cafe! 😀 It’s the longest anime series where I’ve imported an entire season of the Japanese individual volume releases (13 volumes – not counting the multiple seasons from the Shakugan no Shana franchise of course), yet if another season was made for this anime, then I’d still happily purchase the BDs as it’s one of the most recent anime series I’ve enjoyed watching and grew quite fond of (as shown from the many various merchandise I’ve bought from it lol). Anyway, can’t wait for the final volume before my Shirokuma Cafe Animate limited edition blu-ray release is complete! 😀

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