Ore no Imouto 2nd Season Limited Edition BD Volume 1

It’s been nearly two weeks since the first BD/DVD volume of Oreimo’s 2nd season anime was released but I finally got both Animate & Chara-Ani’s copies in yesterday.

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As previously stated in the BD/DVD solicitation post for Oreimo 2, I planned on getting two copies of the first volume as it’s the easiest way to obtain both Animate’s online store exclusive bonus PC wallpaper and Chara-Ani’s exclusive items, as well as the pending manufacturer’s bonus artbox. I’ve only opened one copy and have left the other untouched. Might look into selling the spare copy online or submit it in for auction for the up-coming Manifest convention in Melbourne.

The home video release for the 2nd season of Ore no Imouto follows pretty much exactly how the first season individual blu-ray volumes were released in terms of packaging (a digipak holder with a clear case).

Likewise for the bonus physical materials, there are two pinup cards containing artworks shown in the first two ending themes as well as a CD containing those two ending themes (Kanjousen Loop & Filter). In addition, two audio drama tracks are on the disc covering stories from the light novels that were not adapted in the anime series. The first one titled as “ラブタッチ2~俺の彼女の続編が発売されるわけがない~” (Love Touch 2 ~There’s No Way My Girlfriend’s Sequel Can Be Announced~) deals with Kyousuke being depressed over the Love Touch game where he finds out a sequel to it has been announced. Why? I don’t know, don’t really understand the logic of being depressed over that. Perhaps he’s too emotionally attached to his “girlfriend” in the original game that he’d feel like he’s cheating on her but anyway, let’s move on. Kirino seems to be worried about Kyousuke’s depression that she asks Ayase to come over to her house and cheer him up as a favour, even saying she’ll listen to anything Ayase wants her to do, which of course gets Ayase to agree (albeit reluctantly). There lots of sexual innuendos and funny stuff happens when Ayase turns up to Kyousuke’s room (cosplay talk being one lol).

The second audio drama track, “俺と妹がベッドで恋バナなんてするわけがない” (There’s No Way My Little Sister And I Can Have A Love Story In Bed), involves Kuroneko dropping by the Kousaka house for a visit and Kyousuke tries to get Kuroneko to go and have a look inside Kirino’s room before they go into his to play some video games. I laugh at the fact that Kuroneko puts on an impression of Manami as a way of teasing Kyousuke in this story. After she leaves, Kirino stays in Kyousuke’s room as she lays on his bed playing video games (I think it’s night time at this point). Kyousuke tells her to get off so he can lie down but she refuses to do so. Eventually he gets onto the bed after a small argument lying down next to her which makes her say he’s a pervert. Still lying on Kyousuke’s bed, Kirino tells him not to move too close since he’s blocking the light for her to see the game. She decides to ask what kind of things do people talk about in the dark. Kyousuke thinks back to earlier in the day where he asks Kuroneko if she likes him, to which she says that she does like him but in the same way that she likes Kirino I think (the answer was kinda vague for me to understand it well), so he asks Kirino the same question which surprises her at first but Kyousuke tells her he asked Kuroneko that as well and the answer she gave him, which Kirino understands somehow. After a little talk and bantering with her, Kyousuke thinks to himself that his little sister can’t be this cute.

So moving back onto the bonus materials, an 8-page mini booklet is included with the BD. It mainly consists of character artworks and designs.

But it also contains the lyrics for the two ending themes.

And to add another bonus item to the BD release, a bonus light novel of Oreimo titled “10 Year Reunion”. This is probably the main selling point for the BD since the story is set 10 years after the events from the final volume of the light novel source material and fans were eager to find out what it contains.

My reading comprehension for Japanese text isn’t as good as my listening, so I can’t exactly say for sure what it’s about (and I only skimmed through a few pages of the novel) but I did make out a scene where Kirino reminisces about her favourite anime, “Meruru”. Took a photo of the back of the novel since I found it looked funny for some reason with Kyousuke’s father on it.

Now we get onto the manufacturer’s and store exclusive bonuses! Animate’s copy came with two bromides for the first volume featuring Kirino & Kuroneko. These appear to be printed out as glossy photos.

Then we have the manufacturer’s early pre-order bonus clear poster.

And here is the special paper slip that contains information on Animate’s store exclusive wallpaper which was mainly the reason I bought two copies of volume 1.

Like all the previous Aniplex releases that had a special exclusive wallpaper download from Animate, I took screencaps of the login and download page. You’ll be able to download the wallpaper at the end of this post.

Something that I wasn’t expecting to get was a Railgun trading card from Animate.

According to the invoice slip from Animate, they’re currently running a “Dengeki Summer Imouto” festival campaign where people who purchase any Oreimo or Railgun items will receive some sort of bonus item with their orders. Not sure what to do with this card though  since I have’t watched Railgun and it doesn’t seem to interest me at all.

Final items are the coupons for Chara-Ani’s store exclusive bonus items (as well as coupons for the manufacturer’s bonus artbox) from my 2nd copy of the BD release from Chara-Ani. The blue one is for the manufacturer’s artbox while the gold one is for Chara-Ani’s bonus item campaign for volumes 1-4, which is a call/telephone card (volumes 5-8 will have a jumbo cushion campaign).

These are going to be given out with each volume if buyers purchase them one at a time so they can be mailed to Chara-Ani where they will send out both their store exclusive and manufacturer’s bonus items after the final volume of the series has been released. Interestingly, they have a page on their website explaining how their store exclusive bonuses are sent out depending on how you purchase their releases. As already mentioned, purchasing each volume of a series one by one will give buyers a coupon to mail in to them where they will then send out their store exclusives. However, if you make a purchase of all the volumes of one series as a set/bulk order, then the store exclusives are automatically included with the final volume and no coupons are needed. The catch though is that none of the volumes will be sent until the final volume has been released, which means buyers have to agonizingly wait for months to possibly a year before they get the home video release once it finishes airing on Japanese television.

It seems like there’s both advantages and disadvantages for either methods of purchase in order to obtain Chara-Ani store exclusives. In regards to Oreimo’s BD releases and its Chara-Ani store exclusives, I’m considering on making a bulk order for volumes 5-8 since that means the jumbo cushion is automatically included with the purchase and I don’t need to send in any coupons, but then that leaves the dilemma of how I would obtain the manufacturer’s artbox since I’m currently importing the first 4 volumes one by one from them and I’d only have 4 out of the 8 coupons required to be mailed in to Chara-Ani to receive it. Unless they can track my account and see I’ve bulk purchased the last 4 volumes as a set, I doubt they’d automatically include it along with the jumbo cushion. *Sigh* Guess I need to send them an email enquiring about this since. Of course, I could still purchase each volume one by one and get all 8 coupons to send them in but I find that more of a hassle as it’d be easier if the store exclusive was automatically bundled with the final volume than to deal with collecting coupons.

Anyway, as promised, the final item for this post is the download for Animate’s store exclusive PC wallpaper for Oreimo 2nd season, available in the following dimensions:

800 x 600
1280 x 1024
1920 x 1080

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