June 2013 Merchandise Loot (Shana, Kara no Kyoukai & Shirokuma Cafe)

Time for a merchandise loot post again! As always, it’s stuff from the two anime franchises that I’ve been collecting for the past few years now (Shana & Kara no Kyoukai), but I’ve been getting quite a lot of Shirokuma Cafe merchandise lately and this one includes one item from it.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Jumping straight into the items I got in. First up is the 1/7 scale figure of MOVIC’s release of Ryougi Shiki.

I actually already own another one of this figure a few years ago, but it was the limited edition version that had Shiki’s death perception eyes painted on instead of her normal eyes (only 200 were made for that limited edition version). Finally decided to get the regular version a few months ago off Yahoo Japan Auctions for about $60AUD since this figure is long out of print. It doesn’t even pop up on there that much for auction anymore!

Here are a few photos of the regular version showcasing Shiki’s normal eyes.

And the two versions I own, regular version on the left and the limited edition on the right.

Comparison on the eyes.

And more Kara no Kyoukai merchandise. This time I got in a special bookmark strap that was only sold at the Machi Asobi festival in Japan.

Also got in the B2-size promotional poster for the Japanese individual DVD release of the Kara no Kyoukai epilogue movie.

This pretty much completes all the B2-size promotional posters I got for the Japanese limited edition DVD releases of the KnK movie series. Of course it’s expected that promotional posters will be made for the home video release of the Mirai Fukuin movie sometime in the future but I’m pretty happy with all the ones I’ve got so far (posters for the LE DVD release of movies 1-7 + the epilogue). There’s also posters that have been made promoting the 3D re-release of the first movie, Fukan Fuukei, and I might consider getting one of that as it contains a magnificent artwork of Shiki in action.

Likewise for my KnK figure collection, the addition of the regular version of MOVIC’s 1/7 scale of Shiki now means I own every single official Kara no Kyoukai figures that have been commercially released! 😀 (yes including trading figures and the prize figures from Banpresto’s lucky dip games)

Moving onto the next item, I got in the 5th limited exclusive mug sold at Takadanobaba’s Shirokuma Cafe featuring Llama-san!

Out of the 300 made for the campaign, I got number 292.

Takadanobaba’s Shirokuma Cafe website had updated on the release of the 6th limited exclusive mug featuring Sloth earlier this month. I already won one auction of it off Yahoo Japan Auctions so it will be in my next anime merchandise loot. Wonder which character will be featured next on the 7th mug lol.

The final item for this loot. A special clear promotional pencil board of Shana to celebrate Dengeki’s 20th anniversary.

I assume this pencil board was only given out at Dengeki’s 20th anniversary event at “Dengeki Land” since there’s a “Not For Sale” sign at the bottom. Pretty cool pencil board with the clear background and will be added to my huge Shana collection XD.

And that’s it for now! The first Japanese BD/DVD volume of Oreimo 2 has already been released and my copies of it (yes 2 two copies – one from Animate & one from Chara-Ani) will be arriving in about a week or two. Look forward to it! 🙂

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