Shirokuma Cafe Animate LE BD Volume 10

Getting closer to completing my BD import of Shirokuma Cafe with the 10th volume of Animate’s limited edition blu-ray release that was picked up this afternoon.

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This time, Panda Mama is featured on the cover with the running gag of her sucking up Panda with the vacuum lol.

The bonus goods that comes with this volume is a tissue case.

Also given out with this volume is an application ticket for a radio show event with the voice actors of Full-Time Panda, Katsuyuki Konishi, and Sloth, Kisho Taniyama.

This event will be held on the 19th of May, 2013, but people who bought this volume only had until the 7th of May (just under two weeks from the BD release date – 26th of April) to send in their application tickets to confirm their attendance. Will be interesting to see if this radio event will get a release in the future, either on a CD release or DVD containing video footage of the recording.

There is also a bonus feature on the BD of this volume where you can read through the script book for episode 39 by the pressing the left and right buttons using the control (for some reason it’s wrongly listed as episode 40 on the menu). In addition, there is an option where you can press enter that will take you directly to the scene of the script that you’re reading as well as a return button that will take you back to the script.

And like with the previous volume, I also listened to the bonus drama CD of the “Penguin Cafe” stories. Funnily enough, both stories featured here, 小料理屋ペンギンさんカフェ (Small Restaurant Penguin Cafe) & お通しよ, さようなら (Appetizers, Goodbye), seem to continue the stories on the bonus drama CD from the previous volume where Penguin wanted to turn his cafe into a Inaniwa Udon restaurant.

In this drama CD, Panda Mama drops into Penguin’s Cafe to give him some boiled food since she made too many. Penguin decides to add Panda Mama’s food to the menu for his cafe although Sasako questions this since says Penguin had wanted to keep his shop as a cafe. Long story short, his cafe somehow turns into a small busy restaurant as soon as he starts serving Panda Mama’s cooking lol. There’s even a random guest who drops in saying he heard the place was serving Inaniwa Udon which Penguin had completely forgot about XD.

Just when he and Sasako start to think returning the place into a cafe would be impossible, Panda Mama says she wants to quit working for the place (even though Penguin never intended to make her work at his cafe in the first place lol) since she always went by her rule in that she should not interfere in how the place is run and that her cooking has now changed Penguin’s cafe. After she leaves, Penguin talks to Sasako saying that at least they now have an excuse to not turn the cafe into a small restaurant haha.

There’s also a gag throughout the story where Shirokuma, Sasako and Panda Mama just jump into narrating the story to describe what Penguin is feeling about his cafe on his behalf even though Penguin clearly hears all this lol. The preview for the story that will be out with the next BD volume implies Penguin is going to turn his cafe into a mobile phone shop which, again, looks like it will be continuing the wacky ideas Penguin thought up of for his cafe from the Inaniwa Udon story. I shall look forward to having a listen to this one XD.

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