Shirokuma Cafe Animate LE BD Volume 8

Quick post for the latest BD volume of Shirokuma Cafe I got in a few days ago. Seems like collecting these volumes have now entered the closing stages since there’s only 5 left to get after this.

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Volumes 8 happens to feature a band member from the porcupine group “Yama Arashi”, which Mama Panda happens to be a huge fan of (lol), for those who are watching the anime and were wondering.

Like with all the previous volumes, a bonus drama CD is included and happens to have more stories focusing on Penguin with the titles for the two stories as “Penguin Soba” and “Goodbye Penguin”. Haven’t listened to it yet but the latter story sounds like it might be the final chapter for all the Penguin saga stories, although it could be deceiving and there might be more on the future BD volumes since I’ve started listening to the bonus drama CDs from the first two volumes last week, and some of the titles which didn’t have “Penguin” in it still focused around him in the story.

Oh, these drama CDs seem to be set in a parallel universe to the anime where Penguin also happens to run a cafe and tries to come up with some weird and crazy ideas to promote his place (such as always wanting to add random types of udon to his menu), and ironically, Sasako happens to be working for him as well. It would be interesting if the new project for the Shirokuma Cafe franchise would be making an anime series out of these stories once the current one ends, but I probably doubt it.

The bonus original goods that comes with this volume happens to be a mobile phone cleaner.

You can also happen to make this cleaner a stand to hold your mobile phone upright. Didn’t really know this until I looked at the white paper slip in the packaging that showed instructions on bending the lower part to form the stand.

And that’s it for this volume. Like I said earlier, there’s only 5 more volumes left to get for this anime series. Next series I will be collecting will be the second season of Ore no Imouto, which may or may not overlap with the releases for the final 5 volumes of Shirokuma Cafe, depending on when Aniplex plans to solicit the BDs for Oreimo that is.

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