Ore no Imouto Season 2 Premiere Date Announced!

Via Oreimo’s official website, the premiere dates for the first episode of the second season have been announced!

Season 2 Promotional Video

According to the air dates list posted from the site, a number of television stations including TOKYO MX, Tochigi TV and Chiba TV will premiere the second season on April 6th, 2013 from midnight in Japan with a few others following on from the 9th-13th.

This is probably the only anime TV series that I’m looking forward to watching over the next few months (other than Kara no Kyoukai’s upcoming Mirai Fukuin movie) since I enjoyed watching the first season; mainly because of Kyousuke and Saori’s characters moreso than Kirino or Kuroneko :P.

Unless I happen to really hate it, it’s already on lock from me on importing the Japanese BDs when it gets released later in the year. Hopefully Animate and Gamers will make another store exclusive artbox when the BDs are solicited like they did for the season one individual BD volumes.

So who’s ready?

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