BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Bubblegum Crisis OVA 7 “Say, Yes!” & “Never The End” Original Karaoke Versions!

Probably a treat for the die-hard fans of the original 80’s Bubblegum Crisis here. I’ve finally managed to transfer the original karaoke/instrumental versions of “Say, Yes!” and “Never The End” (exclusive to the cassette tape single release of the former title) onto my computer.

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This is a rather interesting merchandise release for the Bubblegum Crisis franchise way back in 1990 in terms of being compared to its mini-CD format release. I acquired it on Yahoo Japan Auctions many years ago when I was in the big phase of collecting rare and interesting Bubblegum Crisis merchandise and came across a seller who had listed this rare cassette tape single release to the 7th OVA’s opening theme. What I do remember about the auction for it was that I ended up in a bidding war with another user for this item, but I ended up as the winner for it at a little over 8,000 yen. 😀

It seemed that the cassette tape version of this single (catalog ID: TYSY-2028), released on the same day as the mini-CD single version (7th February, 1990), contained the original karaoke versions to both the opening and ending themes, which neither of them appears on the CD format release (catalog ID for the CD: TYDY-2028) making it a rather special item in that it contains exclusive material not available on the latter format. Perhaps one of the reasons why they were left off the mini-CD release was due to time limitations seeing how it was pressed on 80mm discs which (according to wikipedia) holds an average of 24 minutes of music, but then they still would’ve been able to fit them in anyway since the addition of the two karaoke versions still would’ve been under 24 minutes in total (unless they were pressed onto low density ones which can only hold up to 18 minutes), whatever the case, it’s still kinda strange and confusing on their absence on the mini-CD release. It should also be noted that despite the two karaoke versions being listed as “karaoke”, they are actually more like instrumentals since neither contains any backing vocals or layer of vocals that you usually hear during the chorus; which is a good thing as you get to hear the instruments and beats more clearly.

Side 1 (A) contains the single version of “Say, Yes!” just like the CD single (where the music introduction is shortened) running for about 5 minutes and 25 seconds, while its karaoke version uses the full length album version that runs for a little over 6 minutes.

Side 2 (B) contains the ending theme “Never The End” and its karaoke version as well, both having the same run time of about 5 minutes.

I had always wanted to transfer the karaoke versions onto my computer many years ago and upload them online when I first got this tape since I don’t think many Bubblegum Crisis fans know these exist (and probably still don’t), but didn’t have the necessary equipments and cables to do it back then. However, thanks to those cheap portable cassette to PC/MP3 converters on the market nowadays, I’ve finally been able to fulfill that plan. I think BGC fans can now sing “Say, Yes!” and “Never The End” to their hearts content without clashing with Maiko’s vocals! (this will probably be useful for karaoke events at anime conventions lol).  Enjoy listening to them below!

“Say, Yes!” OP (Original Album Karaoke Version)

“Never The End” ED (Original Karaoke Version)

Now that I’ve got the device needed to transfer cassette tapes to my computer, I’m planning to get the two special Sonoram Bubblegum Crisis OVA audio dramas on cassette, “One Little Dangerous Knight Saber” & “Love Wars”, transferred sometime in the future. Not sure if I want to fansub it though since it’s a pretty tedious job, but I might look into posting a summary of the plots and uploading the audio dramas on my youtube channel. Stay tuned!

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    Wow, I saw this originally on my facebook and lead me to the wordpress blog of Walk of Darkness, and was like OMG -=THIS=- is like one of the moments you bought a mercy bid at an auction and you find gold coins in an old sock. This what this is like for me. Thanks WoD!



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