Shana Figures Display Updated

It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything to update or fix the display of my Shana figure collection, but having received 2 full set of acrylic risers last week it’s about time something was done.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

I had been thinking about buying some detolfs to make a better display for my collection of Shana figures and other merchandise, but have been told from some friends that there are usually some big space wasted because of the huge gaps in between. This got me wondering if there was something that could be done to better manage that space that is often wasted when displaying full scale figures when another friend recommended using acrylic risers. I looked into that and decided to hold back from purchasing a detolf and focus on the risers instead since my current display cabinet also had quite a large amount of unused upper space where the majority of the figures were put in, and I thought the risers will come in handy to make a better organised display.

The problem from looking online at various shops for risers was that you were required to buy them in bulk if you were interested in purchasing, which quickly adds up the cost into the hundreds if you were buying multiple types of risers before shipping is included. Likewise on ebay, I found different types of risers that were slightly cheaper but still kinda expensive. That was until I came across a seller from Hong Kong selling two full sets of acrylic showcase stands for only $59.99USD with FREE shipping, which meant you would get 12 in total since each set contained 6 risers. I thought it was a pretty good deal and decided to give it a shot by purchasing from this seller.

When they arrived, I had to take out every single one of my Shana figures that was in the main display so I could work out what would look best for the risers to work in improving the display. Actually ended up using 9 out of the 12 risers since it became apparent I had quite a lot of Shana trading figures that took up a considerable amount of space. The thought of removing the bases for some of the PVC scale figures to have more space on the risers also crossed my mind but I decided not to do it in the end.

The final result in using the risers ended up not making much difference in terms what the figure collection looks like previously (meaning the PVC scale figures were still located towards the back and the trading figures remaining at the front), but I feel the view of the trading figures was improved with the addition of the risers creating levels in the display that’s similar to stairs. Don’t know if these photos really show it but it looks a lot better in person.

What you see in the photos above are the majority of my Shana figure collection as you can tell, however, there are about 3 or 4 PVC scale figures that remains in their box since I’ve practically ran out of room to fit them anywhere on the cabinet. This of course still makes me consider purchasing a detolf to put all of them in there but it looks like I’ll need at least 3 of them to display all of them (and possibly a few more if I choose to display other Shana merchandise in them such as the mugs and artbooks). Either way, it looks like I’m going to have to spend a few more hundred dollars for the detolfs and a few more sets of different types of risers if I plan to move all of these into those but it probably won’t be for awhile haha.

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