PEACE MAKER―新撰組参上 (Peacemaker Kurogane Stage Play – Original 2011 Version)

While I’ve been aware there are many stage plays based off some anime series done in Japan, I’ve never actually watched one until now. Only happened to casually come across one that was done for the “Peacemaker Kurogane” anime on youtube after someone was kind enough to upload the entire play for fans to see, and I must say I’m actually fascinated and impressed with it.

Originally beginning in June 2011, this stage play ran for about two weeks in Japan before being released on DVD. Upon my research, the DVD was sold out pretty quickly and has been long out of print. Currently you can only find some second hand copies being sold for quite an expensive price over at Amazon Japan. A second run of the play was later done in April 2012 with a few cast changes and new scenes to the play. The 2012 version of the play has also been released on DVD and is still in print as of this post.

This particular play also happens to feature a popular actor named Hamao Kyousuke in the role of Souji Okita while others include Yoshimura Takuya as Tetsunosuke Ichimura. The 2012 version role of Tetsu was played by a different actor named Seiya though. Below are all the parts to the original 2011 version of the play that was released on DVD and uploaded by hamafly12. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think. There are no English subtitles unfortunately for those who don’t understand Japanese but those who have seen the anime will most likely know or remember what the scenes are about.

What I’m impressed about this play was how well choreographed the fight scenes are done. The over-exaggerated facial expressions and body movements in certain scenes are also another plus factor in my enjoyment as the actors really brought their characters to life and mirrored their anime counterparts. I can only imagine the amount of energy and athleticism that was required to make this play work in addition to working with props of the weapons and timing of the fights to go with the background music.

Might consider buying the 2012 version DVD release just to see what minor differences are in the play and how Seiya portrays Tetsu compared to Yoshimura, although I wish the 2011 DVD release was still in print as I really enjoyed watching this original version.

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5 responses to “PEACE MAKER―新撰組参上 (Peacemaker Kurogane Stage Play – Original 2011 Version)

  1. Hi there. Like you, I was impressed with this Peacemaker stage play. Beforehand, I watched the Hakuouki version of stage play. Even though as for the anime version I love Hakuouki much more than Peacemaker, however when it comes to stage play, I really love the Peacemaker version!!! I enjoyed so much this stage play especially the parts showed both Hijikata and Okita (since I love this pair so much!!!). However I was very disappointed about Peacemaker drama, which I think it is like childish (sorry to say) and the casts did not portrayed the characters well.


  2. Hello! The name is Cass.

    Stumbled in your blog while looking for stuff for my boss who wants something on J-Culture. I don’t know what are the odds but I went to this play last 2012. Yes, the new Tetsunosuke was a boy named Seiya. I have both DVDs and I prefer the 2012 run maybe because I watched it myself but definitely the gags are funnier in the second run ^^

    Love to talk about it with someone. I was too lazy to blog about this (despite having my own blog) ^^


  3. Hi there! Brenda here. I really want to watch your videos but apparently they are private videos. Will you teach me how to get around that so I can watch them? Thanks!



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