Merry Christmas 2012! (Another Exclusive Kara no Kyoukai Photo)

Merry Christmas to the readers of this blog! Since I made a Merry Christmas post last year, thought I’d keep up the tradition hehe. The photo above of my Shana figma also contains the exclusive bonus Santa hat and poncho given out as part of Dengeki’s christmas gift campaign back when it was first released, not exactly sure which stores actually received it as part of the campaign though since I got this back a few years ago off Yahoo Japan Auctions where the seller mentioned it came with these exclusives, which is how I found out about it.

Like last year’s post, I also have an exclusive Kara no Kyoukai image that I took with my camera that is available for download (consider it as a Christmas gift again lol).


Right click on the image to download.

This exclusive image originated from the bonus limited postcard that came with a Kara no Kyoukai meat bun being sold as part of the 2012 Machi Asobi festival in Japan. The 2009 Awa Odori festival also sold a Kara no Kyoukai meat bun that contained a bonus limited postcard of the promotional image that Ufotable had created for the festival, of which I also have XD. Might post up a high resolution image of it for download sometime in the future. Anyway, Merry Christmas again to all of you and I hope you enjoy it with your loved ones! 🙂

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