Nitengo Shana III Trading Figures & Shirokuma Cafe Loot

About time some new merchandise is posted! Been rather quiet here for the past few weeks but that was because of other things like not having the internet due to a faulty phone line and me attending J. LO’s (Jennifer Lopez for those who don’t know) concert while she was touring in Australia which meant there wasn’t much motivation to make any posts.

These items were the ones that I mentioned in a few previous posts where I had pre-ordered them a couple of months back.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

More Shana figurines as you can see lol, this is the latest series of trading figures for the Shana franchise done by Nitengo as part of its Toy’s Work collection. There are 8 in the collection plus one alpha/secret type.

Some display cutouts for shops to put up if they were to sell them.

The box also contains a bonus paper craft of items that can be added to the figurines to enhance its display. I assume these are meant to be cut out and folded as there wasn’t any other side flaps or sheet that came with the box that had these layouts with guiding cutout lines. The suggested cutout displays are a melon bread for the Shana-tan figure, the mask Wilhelmina wears during battle and two other box-sort like items which I’m unfamiliar with. Because I’m lazy, I couldn’t be bothered to do this and left them as part of the box lol. Now for photos of the figurines of the characters that comes with this release.


Shana (Swimsuit)


Konoe Fumina (Swimsuit)

Konoe Fumina

Yoshida Kazumi

Yoshida Kazumi (Swimsuit)

Carmel Wilhelmina (Ramen)

Carmel Wilhelmina

Neko-Shana (Secret/Alpha Type)

You would think by now that with all the Shana trading figures I have there’d be no room left to fit them on my display cabinet right? Well I thought so too, but somehow managed to get it done XD.

I seriously do need to buy some risers though to better utilise the big space that is above the figures to make for a better display.

Onto another trading series of merchandise, this time it’s trading glass cups from Shirokuma Cafe!

There are 5 designs that includes Panda, Shirokuma, Penguin, Grizzly and the Llama plus one secret version.






Secret Version (Panda & Mama Panda)

And continuing on with more Shirokuma Cafe merchandise, I got in a hoodie from COSPA that features a Polar Bear’s spoof of the starbucks logo on the front.

and a big sign on the back that contains the artwork design used in the anime as a sign that advertises Shirokuma’s cafe.

Normally I don’t buy clothes that contains anime artworks or designs but when I saw this one, I thought it looked pretty cool and would be funny to make people who are not too familiar with anime think there’s actually a real cafe called “Polar Bear’s Cafe” what with the Starbucks parody on the front XD. I’m actually wearing it as I made this post and it will be part of my regular wardrobe too XD. Wonder if I’ll be recognized as the owner of this blog while wearing it out in public as I don’t think anyone else in my country would import this jacket (or know about it) which could possibly make me the only person in Australia to own this hahaha.

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