Shirokuma Cafe Loot Week (Part 2) (November 2012 DVD/BD Import Loot)

Not much coming in again. Got in volume 4 BD of Shirokuma Cafe a few weeks ago and I was supposed to post it as part of the Shirokuma Cafe loot week, but yeah laziness took over. There will be some new Shana stuff coming in next month though since all the items I’ve pre-ordered from AmiAmi are now in stock and are ready to be shipped. There is also the Fate/ZERO chessboard replica set that will finally be released next month from Bandai’s premium web shop which I pre-ordered via Noppin many months ago, I think that will be the most anticipated item I’m looking forward to take photos of.


Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

So yeah, nothing much to say other than this being the 4th volume Animate limited edition blu-ray release of Shirokuma Cafe. I’m still continuing to watch the series of course whenever I have the time and my interest in watching any other current animes remains pretty low at the moment.

The original goods that comes with this volume is a mini napkin with Panda’s face imprinted onto it.

Normally I would’ve pre-ordered the next BD volume of the series on Animate by now, but volume 5 seems to have sold out of its pre-orders a few weeks before its official release (today is actually its release date in Japan) and I’m waiting to see when more stock will come in and Animate accepting orders for it. I’m not too worried as previous volumes have sold out their pre-orders about a week before its release before more stock came in and Animate put the item as available to buy again.

They’re also running two campaigns for the on-going BD releases with one being a audio commentary CD for the series that will be given out to those who purchase BD volumes 4-6 and the other being a special cast talk DVD included for those purchasing the remaining volumes (vol. 7-13).

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