Shirokuma Cafe Loot Week: Pin Badge Set A & Mugs

It appears that this week will be dedicated to Shirokuma Cafe what with this recent loot and latest BD volume for the anime series being picked up tomorrow. More merchandise from this series will be coming in the next few weeks as I ordered a few more items from AmiAmi that are being released towards the end of November.

In terms of my anime merchandise loots, I think Shirokuma Cafe items will probably be a regular thing along with Shana and Kara no Kyoukai merchandise. I haven’t been interested in watching any new series for the past 3 or 4 seasons now other than this, which means most of my funds will likely be put into collecting whatever Shirokuma Cafe merch I’m interested in getting as I continue to import its BD volumes from Animate…and then maybe I’ll try to buy the Japanese BD boxset re-releases for a few old series that I imported the original R2J DVD versions of, such as Clannad and Kimi ni Todoke.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Seems like I have a thing for collecting mugs apparently even though I don’t use them lol. This won’t be any different. I ordered the three mugs that were available on AmiAmi’s site which were Shirokuma, Panda and Grizzly. It was strange that there was no mug for Penguin, although I suspect one is probably in the works and will be released sometime later. I will be shocked if there isn’t one made eventually since he’s one of the three main characters while Grizzly is a supporting character and still gets a mug featuring him made!

Shirokuma Mug (Side 1)

Shirokuma Mug (Side 2)

Panda Mug (Side 1)

Panda Mug (Side 2)

Grizzly Mug (Side 1)

Grizzly Mug (Side 2)

So besides the set of mugs, I also got in the official set A pin badges which features the three main characters and one extra imitating the famous Starbucks coffee logo with their special twist by adding in Shirokuma’s face.

I actually bought a fan-made  pin badge set of the trio back at Manifest in August that used the same exact design, but I ended up losing Shirokuma’s badge while the other two had been detached from the pins when the glue holding it together was no longer effective. These official ones will replace the fan-made ones, and unlike the mugs, I will definitely be using them by pinning them to the bag I always carry around whenever I go out. There’s also a set B of the pin badges that was available on AmiAmi, but I wasn’t interested in it and the design didn’t really appeal to me so I ended up not ordering it.

First post for the Shirokuma Cafe loot week done! Next one will focus on the latest BD volume for the anime (volume 4).

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