October 2012 DVD/BD Import Loot

There’s only one anime BD I’m getting this month, which is volume 3 of Shirokuma Cafe (well the 2nd copy of Fate/ZERO BD box 2 technically counts but it’s a duplicate and I’m planning to sell it off anyway so I guess we can ignore that).

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Not a whole lot to say for this post. Shirokuma Cafe is basically the only series left that I’m still continuing to import but I am considering on whether or not to get Little Busters! despite it being adapted by JC Staff (I’m sure hardcore Type-Moon fans have a lot to say on what they did with Fate/Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works and the “non-existant” Tsukihime anime lol).

Like the previous two volumes, Animate’s exclusive limited edition blu-ray release for volume 3 contains a bonus drama CD, “Penguin Cafe”, which appears to be an on-going audio drama series since volumes 1 and 2 also had “Penguin Cafe” as the bonus drama CD. I still haven’t actually started listening to it yet but some of the titles for each chapter track sounds intriguing such as “Mr. Penguin Not Talking” and “Mr. Penguin’s Event”.

And continuing on with the limited original goods that comes with each BD volume, a book cover is included!

Animate included an application form for those who purchased volumes 1-3 of their limited BD version for a chance to obtain tickets to a live event for the series. The following information is going to be useless for those who don’t live in Japan but I’m going add it in anyway. The cutoff date for buyers to send in their application forms is the 22nd of October and tickets will be sent out from the 24th.

This following item isn’t related to Shirokuma Cafe’s BD release but I thought I should include it anyway since it does have its own charming qualities (well pictures). Since I’m importing these via Tenso’s forwarding service, it appears they are running an advertising campaign for “Shop Japan. Stay Japan.”; a company they’re affiliated with. When I received the package for this, a small set of calendar card set for 2013 was included.

Was curious on what other images was included in the set so I opened it up and took some pictures.

They look pretty nice but I’m most likely going to give this away to a friend or to whoever likes Japanese things.

And another short anime BD import loot post done! Like I’ve said before in another post, I’m slowing things down for the time being so that means I won’t be getting in much anime BD imports other than Shirokuma Cafe (my wallet is probably happy right now lol) but I might pick up again in the future. There’s still the 2nd season of Ore no Imouto to air and unless I really end up disliking it, it’ll be another future anime series I will be importing, not to mention Kara no Kyoukai’s “Mirai Fukuin” movie and the possibility of picking up Little Busters!.

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