The Grail Is Now Complete! (Fate/ZERO BD Box 2 From Ufotable’s Web Shop)

The long-awaited 2nd copy of BD box 2 of Fate/ZERO. As mentioned a few times from my previous posts, this 2nd copy is from Ufotable’s web shop which comes with a special deluxe carry case and production staff sign board.

Ufotable had actually taken off their listing for box 2 the day it was released and it appeared to have been sold out for a short while, but having just checked their web shop shortly before, it appears they’ve gotten in more stock in. Link.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Since I’ve already talked about the packaging of the blu-ray boxset from my last post, this post will mainly consist of photos of Ufotable’s bonuses.

The deluxe carry case.

It’s actually made of cardboard but the outlines of Saber and all the other characters seemed to be embossed in silver.

Now for the production sign board containing artworks and messages from the staff who worked on the anime. There is a small space under Saber reserved for you to leave your own message on it as well.

A few shots of the artworks and messages.

The complete grail! 😛 (well my own complete Fate/ZERO grail). I will most likely sell off the spare copy of the 2nd blu-ray boxset for a much cheaper price than Rightstuf and Amazon Japan since I bought a 2nd copy just for Ufotable’s web shop exclusive.

I’ve also recorded a short video of the grail incorporating some of the awesome soundtrack from the 2nd volume as I recap all the store bonuses for both boxes 1 and 2.

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