August 2012 DVD/BD Import Loot (Part 2)

I did say my next anime BD loot would be very light right? Well anyway, got in the final volume of Ano Natsu and 2nd volume of Shirokuma Cafe today.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Ano Natsu is now complete! 😀 The final volume came with some extra goodies similar to the first volume.

The bonuses include a script book to the 11th episode “Ikanaide, Senpai” (“Don’t leave, Senpai”), a soundtrack CD to the series and a drama CD in addition to the usual booklets that came with all the other volumes. I still haven’t actually finished watching this series yet, (only seen the first 4 episodes back awhile ago) so I should really stop procrastinating and pick it up again now that I’ve completed importing all the BD volumes.

A small A3 “wallscroll” was also included with the final volume as part of Animate’s store exclusive bonus campaign if you bought all 6 BD volumes from them. I use the term “wallscroll” loosely as the main material used to make this bonus item feels pretty low quality. Don’t know if the photo above shows it but the artwork is just printed on a glossy paper with the two rods and a string. I would’ve thought they’d at least use actual fabric like silk or linen for the artwork but it seems like Animate really skimped on the quality here. It makes displaying this wallscroll pretty hard to do since it will always look rolled up or bent. If fabric material was used instead, then at least it would have a nice flat display on the wall. They better not do this with their store exclusive wallscroll for the 2nd Fate/ZERO BD boxset or I will not be happy, especially with how their wallscroll for the first box used actual silk fabric.

Had I known earlier that Gamers was actually producing an artbox to hold all the volumes (photos courtesy of Rasen Kaidan), then I would’ve purchased from them instead as that at least looked like a better use than what I got from Animate. Oh well, I may look into acquiring that artbox on Yahoo Japan Auctions if it pops up again within the next few months but I’m not really that desperate for it. I am however, planning to get the CD singles for both the opening and ending themes for the series.

Now onto Shirokuma Cafe.

This is volume 2 of Animate’s BD exclusive release of the series. Like the first volume, it comes with a bonus drama CD and a mini booklet interview and something a little bit different this time. Check below.

That’s right, two coasters. I’m curious as to what the next “original goods” will be for the future volumes of the series lol.

Shirokuma Cafe is quickly becoming my new favourite show to watch as it’s such a simple and relaxing show with lots of humorous interactions between the characters, especially the idea of animals living like normal people with the humans and having jobs. The llama stands out to me the most (no, not because it’s voiced by Ono Daisuke; though it certainly makes it appealing lol) because I find their faces look hilarious and their personality is pretty laid-back (most of the times anyway). Gotta confess that I have actually searched up videos of llamas on youtube before and found some funny ones, particularly ones where they spit on people XD. I’ve linked a few ones below that you might find hilarious.

Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed a somewhat interesting post that had videos of llamas XD. My next anime BD loot is probably one that many will anticipate for, the 2nd BD boxset of Fate/ZERO with Animate & Ufotable web shop’s store exclusives!

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