Fate/ZERO Saber Immortalised! (In Crystal That Is)

One of the more unique anime merchandise items I got in this time. Actually think this is pretty cool and goes up with the Excalibur umbrella I bought a few years ago.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Now where to begin on this? I first came across this Saber crystal art display when I decided to randomly flick through the anime catalogue magazines Animate would often include in my purchases from them. There was a page advertising some new Fate/ZERO merchandise that was coming out soon.

The ones that really interested me were Tokiomi’s wine set, the cookies and of course the crystal art. Unfortunately by the time I found about these, Tokiomi’s wine set had already been released a few weeks prior and had already sold out by then. Oh well, I still had the chance to get the crystal art display as pre-orders for it were still available on Animate’s online shop and its release wasn’t until the end of July. The price for this item is 10,290 yen, which will probably turn many people off, but for me, it doesn’t really matter. It’s a really cool item to display and the quality is definitely worth it in my opinion.

Don’t bother searching for this on sites such as Hobby Japan and Amiami as it seems the only places that had it up for order were the usual hobby shops like Animate and Gamers, shops that stock a number of anime merchandise that are exclusives and won’t be shipped internationally (unless you use a proxy service). Currently it appears Animate has ran out of stock on this and are trying to get more from the suppliers. Knowing how limited and exclusive this kinda item is, I’m not too sure they’d be able to secure more stock to be honest. Those who want this now could try and make an order through the proxy services but there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get it although you could also try Movic’s site. I saw pre-orders for this sell out twice on Animate shortly after I put in my pre-order for it about a month before its release, so I was glad I got in early.

Took some photos that I hope shows the great quality of the packaging and presentation of this crystal art display.

If the photos aren’t good enough then I hope the video I recorded at least shows it. It really does look amazing in person.

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