Fate/ZERO Blu-ray Box 2 Official Solicitations!

This has just been announced a few hours ago but the release date and official solicitation for the 2nd blu-ray boxset of Fate/Zero are now out!

Thanks to Fate/ZERO’s official website, foreign fans who have imported the first box from international Japanese retail sites such as CDJapan and Amiami etc can now jump for joy (though their wallets probably won’t lol) and put in their pre-orders. Release date and packaging details after the cut as well as Japanese store exclusive bonuses.

Official Solicitation from Fate/ZERO’s official website

Catalog ID: ANZX-9441~9447

Release Date: 19th September, 2012

RRP: 35,700 yen

Packaging Type: Digipak

Disc Count: 4 Discs + 1 Bonus Disc

Bonus Physical Contents: OST Vol. 2, Drama CD, Artbox, Fate/ZERO Animation Material II

Bonus Video Footage: “Please, Einzbern! Discussion”, Trailers, TV Commercials, Textless Opening & Ending

Like with the first box, there will also be a special manufacturer’s pre-order bonus of a set of posters only available from Animate, Gamers, Sofmap & Toranoana. Currently it states that the set will contain 7 of them but judging from the actual bonus posters from the first box, they could change it to 14 or some other number closer to the release date. The deadline to obtain these is to pre-order the boxset from any of the four retailers mentioned above by the 10th July, 2012.

And as usual, store exclusive bonus items have been announced for a number of Japanese exclusive retailers though only a few have put up their listings for the boxset so far.

Store Exclusive Bonus Items List:

Animate – A3 Clear Poster, Wallscroll, Fate/ZERO Showbag (carry bag), Artbox to hold BD Box 1 & 2, PC Desktop Wallpaper

Gamers – A3 Clear Poster, Wallscroll

Sofmap – Wallscroll

Toranoana – Craft Bag, Wallscroll, Clear Box Case

Getchu – Telephone Card, Multi-microfibre mini cloths

Neowing – Deskmat

Chara-Ani – Cloth Poster

Tsutaya – Mousepad

HMV Japan – Box Slip Case

WonderGOO – Wallscroll

JBOOK – Clearfile

Amiami – Telephone Card

Rakuten Books – PC Desktop Wallpaper (2x)

I am so tempted to use my 17,000 points on Animate to get this @ nearly 50% off RRP XD. Then again, I think I’ll let it accumulate to at least 20,000 with my on-going orders for Ano Natsu and Shana III BDs before I make my pre-order over there.

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20 responses to “Fate/ZERO Blu-ray Box 2 Official Solicitations!

  1. Sorry I didn’t see this post so you ignore my earlier post. I tried to register on animate but after the confirmation i got an error and i think it’s because i wrote the same thing in the name field and the other name phonetic field, and don’t know what to write in the phontic field. So can you please help me and also can I write my name in english or does it have to in japanese?

    Thanks and take care.


    • Hi there.

      As far as I remember when I signed up for an account with Animate, you need to write your name in Japanese for all the name fields starting with your surname in the first field (姓) and then your first name in the second field (名) in Katakana if possible.

      You can basically enter the same Katakana of your name in the second field where it asks for your name again in furigana (お名前 (フリガナ)) or if it’s easier, in hiragana.

      Once you’ve successfully signed up for an account, you can change your name back to English on the top field if you want and it should have no problems saving the English name. At least that’s how it worked for me when I signed up.

      Hope that helps and good luck.


    • Hi there.

      Haha, nah don’t think I’ll get all of them. Only plan to buy Animate’s version to match my purchase of the first box that had the same bonuses. I might look into purchasing the store exclusive bonus wallscrolls from Gamers, Sofmap, Toranoana & WonderGOO on Yahoo Japan Auctions or eBay when they pop up though.


  2. There is something written about an A3 clear poster bonus. I was wondering if you get it just by pre-ordering the box early or do have to pay 5000 yen for reservation?


    • You will get it if you pre-order it early. The 5000 yen reservation if only for the local Japanese customers who put in a pre-order for it in-stores personally.


    • LOL, indeed. Animate just recently updated their store exclusive bonus list that will now include a special artbox to hold both BD box 1 & 2 and also a special PC wallpaper.


  3. Hi, I’ve tried to create an account at animate-onlineshop.jp but it seems I can’t choose the address outside Japan.

    Do you live in Japan, darktruth? :O


    • Animate doesn’t ship their items outside of Japan so you will need to use a proxy service such as Noppin if you want to buy from them, or if you know Japanese you can use Tenso forwarding service which gives you a Japanese address for Animate to send to before Tenso forwards that item to you via EMS with commission fess based on the weight of the package.

      If you use Tenso, then you need to make the orders yourself directly on Animate’s site. They accept foreign credit cards for payment but like I mentioned, they don’t ship internationally.

      I’m from Australia by the way.


  4. What did you use when you pre-ordered Fate/Zero Blu-ray BOX 1?

    When did you have to pay for it, before the release date? or


    • I used Tenso. For pre-orders, Animate doesn’t charge your credit card until about 3 days before the items official release date, however you should at least have a small amount of money on it when you make the pre-order as they will authorise about $1 on the card to make sure there is money on it.

      Hope that helps.


      • Thanks for the reply.

        I’ve decided to use Noppin. They won’t charge me until fully until the release date, right?

        Do I still need to create an account on Animate website?

        Sorry, I still don’t get how they process. XD


  5. @Kyaw Khaing

    Noppin will require you to pay the full amount + commission fees in advance, then they will make the order for you if you decide to use them.


    • Yea… I already asked them about whether I could pre-order early and make a payment days or a week before the release date. They said I have to make pay the full amount even if I want to pre-order.

      So, can you provide me the link for Tenso store? I’ve been searching for the link but just haven’t found the right one yet.

      Thanks again, darktruth. 🙂


  6. @darktruth,

    Have you already pre-ordered this BOX 2? If you have, which store have you pre-ordered it from?

    I am going to get it from Animate.

    Just wondering, is it true that there is deadline date on pre-order to get those Exclusive Bonus items? Is the dealine date really July 10th?

    Would it be late if I pre-order it next week?


    • I’ve already put in my pre-order for the 2nd box over at Animate a few weeks ago.

      The deadline of July 10th is for pre-orders that will get the manufacturers 7 poster set, all the other bonuses are subject to while stocks last, so if those bonuses are taken off the listing and don’t get put back up then that means they have sold out.

      You may want to put in your pre-order asap if you want them. Again, July 10th is the last date you can put in your pre-order to guarantee that you’ll get the manufacturer’s 7 poster set, after that you risk not receiving it.



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