Carnival Phantasm Season 3 BD Booklet 4-koma Comic (With English Translation)

Another special post on the bonus special 4-koma comic that was in the booklet of the third season of Carnival Phantasm! Original Japanese text and English translation included after the cut!

Carnival Phantasm Season 3 BD Booklet Special 4-koma Comic


Original Japanese Text

コミック 1

セブン: …重くて動けませんマスター
シエル:私ほどのマスターになると騎乗スキルもA以上なんですよ。 とっとと走りなさい。

コミック 2





My English Translation

Comic 1

Ciel: It seems CP also stands for Curry Party!

Seven: Ha?

Ciel: Let’s find that meeting place quickly Seven! And we’re gonna kick the heroic spirits of that area all about using you like a servant~~~curry~~~all for me!

Seven: …you’re heavy and I can’t move master.

Ciel: My mounting skills is beyond A rank when I become a master, now start running.

Seven: Wasn’t that ability on the servant’s side? I’ll be able to run fast if you feed me lots of carrots, right?

Ciel: I’m not falling for that, Seven.

Comic 2

Illya: Loli characters are a sure bet right Shirou?

Caster: If that’s so, Saber is also a loli character.

Shirou: Who belongs to me.

Illya: Eehhhh?

Shirou: Well she’s certainly small but it doesn’t feel right calling her a loli…

Caster: How about this!?

*Invisible Air*

Shirou: Aren’t you just showing her as shorter with that height?

Caster: What about this?

Shirou: *THAT’S CREEPY!*

Well, there’s my attempt at translating the comics. I think I might be missing some TYPE-MOON or Tsukihime references with the first one though since I’m not too familiar with the Melty Blood technical aspects or terminologies, if anyone knows more about it then please let me know so I can put it into context of the game or visual novel.

EDIT: Thanks to Avatar of Dreams who helped me fix up a few minor bits over at Animesuki forums.

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3 responses to “Carnival Phantasm Season 3 BD Booklet 4-koma Comic (With English Translation)

  1. Nice. Small correction though: “ニンジンたくさん食べれば早く走れる気するんですけどねぇ?” is Seven’s line (trying to convince Ciel to give her carrots), and “その手には乗りませんセブン” is “I’m not falling for that, Seven” (手に乗る is “to be fooled by something”)


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