TAKE-MOON Special Collection & Various Anime CDs Loot

More loots!

 I wasn’t actually interested in getting the special collection for TAKE-MOON but because it contains the special EX episode of Carnival Phantasm I decided to buy it anyway since I want to have the complete video collection for that series.

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Finally got in the limited edition CD single for Shakugan no Shana III’s ending theme “I’ll Believe” by Altima. Gotta say that the ED could’ve been way better had the song been sung like a ballad for the entire duration just like the first minute, when it jumps into the upbeat and techno part that is when I find myself wanting to turn the song off as it seems to have ruined the mood and feel of it.

It also comes with a special artbox to hold both the 1st OP & ED for the series which is actually a manufacturer’s bonus as well. If you purchased both LE CD singles of the OP & ED then  you would receive it.

 Another item I got in the special limited edition ZONE TRIBUTE album “Kimi ga Kureta Mono”. I actually discovered this album through Ano Hana’s official Japanese website in the music section. It looked interesting from the artwork for the album cover and when I listened to the previews for each track on it, that was enough to convince me to buy it. There’s 2 discs on this album, one is a “tribute side” with cover versions of the songs listed sung by a few current notable J-Pop artists including ClariS & Scandal, the other is an “original best side” which of course contains the original versions of the songs from the “tribute side” disc sung by ZONE.

The special TAKE-MOON artbook and manga collection and including the DVD for the EX episode of Carnival Phantasm. The manga contains all the stories and gags that most have been animated in the anime. The artbook is pretty nice as it contains some quite visually appealing artworks from the TYPE-MOON world drawn by Takashi Takeuchi.

Took photos from a selected sample from the artbook below.

 That’s all folks! Until next time.

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