Pre-Christmas & End Of Year Mini Loot

 Just a small loot I got in this afternoon. It seems this will be the final merchandise loot just before Christmas and the end of the year. Still got a few more anime BD imports that will be released a few days before Christmas, and it should arrive before the year ends if I’m lucky enough with Japan & Australia’s postal system, still I wouldn’t hold my breath what with the pre-Christmas AND post-Christmas mailing rush occurring every single year.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

First up is the special “secret” black hair version of Shana from Dengeki Bunko’s Palm Characters trading figure series. This was one figure I had been keeping an eye out for every now and then once I had discovered there was a black hair version after obtaining the red hair version a few years ago.

 Both versions of Shana from Dengeki Bunko’s Palm Character Trading Figure Series.

 Next is just a Kara no Kyoukai clearfile. I got this because it uses an artwork which I haven’t seen much of, also more to add to my growing clearfile collection for this movie series.

 Continuing on with Kara no Kyoukai, I also got in the B2-size limited edition DVD promotional poster for the 3rd movie “Tsukaku Zanryuu”. This completes my collection for all the limited edition DVD promotional posters for it, the only one left to collect that will make it truly complete is the promotional poster for the epilogue, which I plan to get sometime in the future. Also looking into framing these posters as well but I’m not sure if there’s even any space in my room left to store it if I do.

 And the final item in this mini loot is Hiromi’s special mix album “TRICK” mixed by DJ Mike Masa. Apparently this album was only available as a rental CD in Japan and doesn’t look like it’s available to be purchased commercially. I jumped at the chance to get it when it popped up on Yahoo Japan Auctions since Hiromi is turning out to be my favourite Japanese music artist over the past few years. The album contains a 25 track non-stop mix of the majority of songs she has recorded for her two LP’s, “Rainbow” & “Magic”, and her first mini-album “True Colors” in addition to the only new track on it, “Butterflies”, which has also been released as a separate digital single on Japanese iTunes. I’d say this would be a good album to play at a party for those who are into Japanese R&B and urban music.

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