October 2011 DVD/BD Import Loot

Got in the latest volumes of Ano Hana & Baka Test 2 along with the final volume of Index II today. These were supposed to have arrived last month along with part 2 of the previous month’s dvd/bd imports but as I mentioned previously, their shipping was put on hold by me partly due to the weak Aussie dollar, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better lately which is a bit of downer but oh well, that’s the economic environment for you I guess.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

No, you’re not seeing a mistake. I did order 2 copies of volume 1 of Baka Test 2. Originally I had pre-ordered it from CDJapan way back in July due to their email newsletter announcing that any DVD/BD of Baka Test purchased would come with a special fan, then I discovered Animate was running a campaign for a special glass cup if all 6 volumes are purchased from them. Was considering on cancelling my CDJapan order but then decided to keep it for the special fan, the remaining volumes will only be purchased from Animate from now on. I have already posted a photo of the packaging from last month’s DVD/BD imports so won’t bother to re-post it here and will move straight on to the other releases.

 Have finally completed collecting all volumes of Index II. Also got Animate’s store exclusive bonus radio DJCD along with it as a thank you present for purchasing all the volumes from them. Now all that’s left for the home video release is to obtain HMV Japan’s store exclusive artbox to house the BD volumes, not gonna be surprised if I see them sell for 20,000+ yen on Yahoo Japan Auctions after looking at both Animate’s & Gamers’ store exclusive artbox fro Ore no Imouto selling for around that price. Yeah, it’s hella expensive but I’m the type of collector who would try and get an artbox if one was officially made to hold all the volumes together than leave them unhoused.

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