September 2011 DVD/BD Import Loot (Part 1)

Finally catching up again on Ano Hana limited edition BD releases.

Nothing really much to say other than I had been planning to also catch up on importing Hidan no Aria along with these two Ano Hana volumes, however it seems the first press edition of volume 2 of Aria had sold out on Animate which has kinda put my plans for that series in disarray (guess putting series that you plan to buy on hold ain’t a good idea for first press edition releases). Not sure whether I’ll drop that buying that series or wait until all the volumes are released and buy it all along with Animate’s store exclusive artbox on Yahoo Japan Auctions. We’ll see…

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

 Volume 3 came with a small book of line art sketches containing a selection of drawings from the series.

 The funny art below is actually the back of the digipak BD/CD holder for volume 3. I took this pic because it was hilarious poking fun at Yukiatsu’s cross-dressing in the series (might be a spoiler for those who haven’t seen the anime yet). The other two volumes out so far also have funny artworks making jokes about the series but they’re not as funny as this one.

 English Translation:


Popo: Hahaha

Menma: Hahaha

Anaru: Uwaaa…..

Tsuruko: No doubt about that.

Yukiatsu: I’m home…

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One response to “September 2011 DVD/BD Import Loot (Part 1)

  1. Yeah, I don’t really like it when volumes are sold with first-press editions. Especially since the series is still ongoing it’s almost impossible for me to determine whether it justifies the import cost.

    Anyway, there are other places such as neowing and cdjapan that still have the first press editions of Aria 2, but you’re probably looking to obtain it from Animate due to its shop exclusives and such?



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