Working!! Special Summer Fanbook (By Lirs Iris & Manabi)

The one and only item I bought from the traders hall at Manifest. It was bought at the last minute just as the traders were about to close on the last day of the festival. Originally I thought this was a Clannad After Story doujin artbook judging by the cover but was pleasantly surprised it turned out to be a Working!! fanbook. Really liked the artwork enough to buy it despite the trader selling it for $30 (that’s about double the suggested price of 1200 yen on the cover). I assume this was also sold at Comiket last year in the Lirs Iris circle because of the visible Japanese price tag and some unsold copies were probably brought back over here in Australia. Also according to the girl who sold this to me, it was drawn by her friend which might also explain this fanbook being available to buy at Manifest.

There are actually two artists who contributed to this artbook actually, Lirs Iris & Manabi. Lirs Iris actually had a website url in the book but it appears to be defunct now so I won’t bother linking to it. Anyway, enjoy these pictures.

The fanbook also came with two notices to hang on your door. Aoi Yamada’s one says “cleaning inside” while Kyouko’s one says “Please Do Not Disturb”.

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