4-koma Comic From Carnival Phantasm Season 1 BD Booklet

Just randomly decided to translate the 4-koma comic strip that appears on the extra booklet that came with the BD of Carnival Phantasm. They’re little funny scenarios and and in-jokes to TYPE-MOON. Translation after the cut.

Carnival Phantasm Season 1 4-koma Comic Strip

Original Japanese Text (which I’ve typed up)

コミック 1

シエ: カーニバルに乗り遅れてしまいます! 早く法衣の準備をしなさいセブン!

コミック 2

セイバー: カーニバル…ともまると。様々な料理が食べられるのでしょうね。
士郎: そーいう趣旨のアニメじゃないぞ?
セイバー: そんな
白き月姫: わたしは白き月姫ファンタズムーン!因ったことならおまかせよ!たくさんきのこを倒したからこれを食べるといいわ。

*プレートの上*: 破片

My English Translation

Comic 1

Ciel: I’m gonna be late to the carnival ride! Seven (Nanako) hurry up and prepare my robe!

(I think by looking at the 4th panel in this 1st comic then you’ll see the hilarious result lol.)

Comic 2

Saber: The carnival…when will that be? There’ll be all sorts of cooking I can eat right?

Shirou: Isn’t that what they’re calling the anime?

Saber: What? It can’t be!

White Moon Princess: I am the White Moon Princess Phantasmoon! Leave it to me if I have came here! There’s lots of mushrooms that I have defeated so I hope this is good enough for you to eat.

*On the plate*: Broken Pieces

I have no idea whether the 2nd comic is an in-joke or not but to me it appears so since I can’t find any other explanation for the white moon princess bringing broken pieces of kinoko (mushrooms) other than referring to Nasu Kinoko in some way.

UPDATE: It appears the mushroom reference is relating to the joke in the Phantasmoons world where all the villains are based on mushrooms. Thanks to kagato3 for pointing that out over at the Animesuki thread for Carnival Phantasm.

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