Carnival Phantasm PV Released!

Two promotional videos have been released for the upcoming special TYPE-MOON OVA and from the looks of it, it’s set to be one hilarious spectacle with characters from the TYPE-MOON universe up to all sorts of shenanigans. You can check them out below the cut.

Promotional Video 1

Promotional Video 2

I’ve already pre-ordered 3 copies of the first press edition from Animate, Gamers & Rakuten Ichiba for the different exclusive postcards each store will be getting. There are 7 stores so far however that have been listed to be getting their own original postcards. They sure know how to milk this for all it’s worth don’t they :P? The list of store exclusive bonuses are below for anyone interested in purchasing from any of them. Don’t know if I’m game enough to buy all 7 copies like how I did for the Haruhi movie though.

*This will also be on sale at Comiket 80 two days before its official release date of August 14th, 2011.
**There is a deadline to pre-order the first press edition by July 10th, 2011 that will come with a 200 page artbook containing Takashi Takeuchi’s artworks of various TYPE-MOON projects spanning over the 10 years.

Store Exclusive Bonuses

AnimateOriginal Postcard
GamersOriginal Postcard
Goodwill (Warning! NSFW Site) – Original Postcard
MelonbooksOriginal Postcard
Rakuten IchibaOriginal Postcard
SofmapOriginal Postcard
ToranoanaOriginal Postcard

Please remember none of the stores listed above will ship internationally so you will need to use a Japanese deputy service if you want to buy from any of them.

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