Artist Spotlight: 宏実 (Hiromi)

Had been meaning to make a post about Hiromi for some time now. She’s seriously one underrated Japanese R&B/Urban artist that has released some pretty catchy tunes.

I first discovered her through a collaboration track she had worked on with Nao’ymt called “Oh Oh” and was instantly hooked. Due to her being an indie artist, there isn’t really much information about Hiromi on the net other than a J-Pop equivalent wiki page but she has worked with many mainstream J-Pop artists and producers including Namie Amuro and CIMBA. Not only that, she has also appeared on the Japanese version of Timbaland’s “The Way I Are” which was a bonus track on the Japanese version of the “Shock Value” album.

To date, she has released 2 full length studio albums and 2 mini albums and a number of singles. I’ve imported most of her releases and intend to get the remaining ones missing in my collection. Her 2nd album “Magic” is still one of the best Japanese R&B albums I’ve listened to this year and I still play it very often on my iPhone whenever I’m out, especially “COOK” (which brilliantly incorporates a Japanese traditional music instrument called koto), “Rain”, “Lucky Girl” & “If I Can’t Have You”.

You can purchase the physical copies to most of her releases over at Amazon Japan.

My Hiromi Music Collection

Below are some music videos she has shot for her 2 studio albums as well as some standout tracks from her catalogue.



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One response to “Artist Spotlight: 宏実 (Hiromi)

  1. I agree with the whole underrated thing! This girl brought me back from a 4 year JRNB listening hiatus! Shame she really isnt that well known… I think it doesnt help that her name is so “generic” which makes her kind of hard to find for new fans.. wished she really had added a last name.

    Anyways, ganbare hiromi! will definately be supporting her out from now on. 😀



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