The Arrival!

I was never much of a blogger before and only tried it once many years ago with Livejournal. That didn’t last very long of course, so now I’m giving it another go with WordPress. Why again you ask? Well I’m quite a collectors’ enthusiast and usually post photos of my anime loots and imports on various forums. This would usually include people asking me where I get them from and what the product is like, etc that I finally thought it’s time to put all the stuff I get in one place and link it to them.

Not sure how active I’ll keep this blog running for but I’ll give it a try. I should warn in advance that the occasional random posts on whatever I’m feeling or really into might happen frequently (yes I do have other interests outside of anime!), hence “RANDOM” appearing on the menu above. Anyway, welcome to the blog and I hope you end up at least enjoying whatever things I’ll post on this blog. Here’s a welcome present image I randomly searched on the net for your reward :P.

The lovely Misaki from “Maid-sama!” welcomes you with her megane stare

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