My 2011 Kara no Kyoukai Collection

Now that I’ve gotten my first post out of the way, why not start off with a big bang? These are updated photos of my Kara no Kyoukai collection, the first time I posted it was over at’s site just about a year ago. I’ve still got a number of Rakkyo stuff on the way which should arrive in about a week or so but for now, enjoy drooling over my current collection after the cut.



Pencil Boards

Calendars, Phone Straps, Telephone Card, Postcard, Coaster, Phone Strap Cleaners

Key Animation Books, Movie Pamphlets, Staff Message Book, Lio Shirazumi Diary

Metallic Portraits, Clearfiles

Vinyl Bag, Microfibre Towel, Sports Towel, Leg Bag, Cushion, Tote Bag

Fan, Mugs, Acryllic Plate


Awa Odori Stuff


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7 responses to “My 2011 Kara no Kyoukai Collection

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    • Used a proxy service since Ufotable doesn’t ship internationally. I think you can find a few being sold on ebay from sellers living in Japan though. I got all them a few years ago before they started popping up on ebay.



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